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According to the speaker, which of the following measures helped reduce community problems in Brickendon?

A.      allowing residents to patrol the area

B.      interviewing residents about the problems

C.      organizing regular community meetings

D.      giving families financial support

E.       identifying hotspots for crime

F.       removing litter from the streets




1. 我们一定要等到关键词Brickendon才能做题。在这个关键词出现之前提到的信息一般都是诱惑项。

2. 这道题要等measures,也就是solution之类内容,估计在recording中后段出现答案的可能性要高过前半段(因为刚开始的部分可能是一些background information)。

3. 光知道要听solutions是不够的,因为题目的要求是measures helped reduce,也就是必须已经成功解决问题的measures,没成功的和将会用的都不能选。




In places where there’ve been serious community tensions – I mean Brickendon’s a good example of this. There were 250 reported incidents there in 2009. often to do with neighbours and arguments, but criminal activity too, um and the police will tell you that if you leave residents to sort things out for themselves the number of incidents rises – it doesn’t fall. So the local council realized that they had to do something, so they went round to people’s houses and met them and their neighbours and talked to everyone and got a general idea of what the local concerns were. If there were extended families involved. they looked at those particular families more closely and all the relatives and got some of the family intervention services to talk to them. And there were some very positive results. I mean, you can pick out the hotspots – you know. the main areas for crime but the hotspots don’t tell you what causes the crime in the first place and so don’t address the issues. So this proactive, more direct approach by the council worked well. And this was followed up with other quite practical solutions like cleaning up the area, getting rid of debris in alleyways and just making the place somewhere more agreeablemore liveable.

原文第一句话就提到了关键词Brickendon,但是说了两句之后才提到了local council realized that they had to do something,也就是measure的同义转换,那么我们就需要注意听啦!

这句话提到went round to peoples houses以及talked to everyone,也就是跟B选项有关,但是暂时我们还不能肯定有没有helped reduce problems。耐心一些,一直到我们听到下两句话中提到了there were some very positive results,我们就可以选啦!所以第一个正确答案是B

接下来比较诱惑的选项是E,因为我们可以听到原文中提到了pick out the hotspots,然而the hotspots don’t tell us what causes the crime and don’t address the issue。所以E是典型的干扰项,是false information,不能选。

原文在最后提到了quite practical solutions like cleaning up the area and getting rid of debris in alleyways,所以第二个正确的转换项是F

选项A, C, 和D都是not given的信息,所以也不能选择。

最后的正确答案是: B, F

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