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【PTE阅读】Re-order paragraphs例题解析配解题全能大法~赶快来学习!

今天小助手给大家带来两道Re-order Paragraphs的例题详解,首先我们来复习一下Re-order Paragraphs的重点答题技巧:
☑ 观察过渡词
☑ 观察人称代词
☑ 观察指示代词
☑ 观察全称和缩写
☑ 观察时间顺序
☑ 观察是否有假说或理论
☑ 观察冠词
☑ 观察名词和代词
☑ 观察Opening和Closing段落
☑ 观察同义词



A. It was a time when managers had to take a critical look at every aspect of their production process and make improvements where necessary.

B. As a result, some people believe it is now time to re-assess many companies in terms of the standards they agreed to some years ago.

C. In the late 1900s, food manufacturers were challenged by the organic community to ensure they were using ingredients that had been produced in natural, healthy ways.

D. Whether these systems have been maintained seems questionable, particularly as contracts depend so heavily on efficiency and quick sales.

E. Over the last half-century, organic farming has become a driving force in the world’s food market.


Key Vocabulary:
☑ Critical adj. 鉴定的,批评的,决定性的。
☑ Re-assess v. 重新评估
☑ Challenged by 受到…的挑战
☑ Questionable adj.有问题的,可疑的
☑ Organic Farming 有机农业
☑ Driving Force 推动力


答案解析:E, C, A, D, B.
☑E 选项E包含一个广阔的时间限定(Over the last half-century),并且明显是介绍文章段落主题(Organic Farming),所以确定E为起始段。

☑C 选项C缩小了时间范围的限定(in the 1900s),并且进一步阐述了Organic Farming是为何成为Driving Force的,与上文衔接。

☑A It was a time和选项C中的in the 1900s相对应,并且take a critical look也和选项C中的challenged by…相呼应,所以可以判断选项A是跟在选项C之后的。

☑D these systems = 选项A中的improvements,故可以判断D跟在选项A之后。

☑B as a result说明这个选项是结束段落,并且其内容与选项D中的seems questionable有联系。所以可以判断这是结尾段,D选项是倒数第二段。


A. Clearly, a number of factors have contributed to its remarkable appearance.

B. The result is a unique story of land collisions and erosions, and of rising and falling water levels.

C. Experts who have analysed the rock formations say that, historically, it goes back nearly two billion years.

D. Anyone who has ever visited the Grand Canyon will agree that it is one of the most incredible Sights in the world.

E. The geological processes that have taken place since then are exposed for everyone to see, not hidden beneath vegetation or a fast-flowing water course.


Key Vocabulary:
☑ Remarkable adj. 非凡的,卓越的
☑ Land collision 陆块碰撞,大陆碰撞
☑ Land erosion 水土流失,土地侵蚀
☑ Formation n.形成,构造
☑ The Grand Canyon 科罗拉多大峡谷
☑ Geological adj.地质的,地质学的
☑ Vegetation n.植被,草木


答案解析:D, A, C, E, B
☑ D 大致浏览全文能发现文章应该是在讲解一个地质现象但都没有提到具体名称,只有在选项D中出现了the Grand Canyon,所以可以判断D为起始段。

☑A its指代the Grand Canyon的, remarkable appearance和上文中one of the most incredible Sights相呼应,可以判断A出现在D之后。

☑C rock formation和A选项中的remarkable appearance呼应,解释了选项A中的remarkable appearance形成时间,所以可以判断C出现在A之后。

☑E geological process指代选项C中的land formation,同时since then对应date back two billion years,所以判断E跟在C后面。

☑B the result和geological process联系,解释了E中geological process的结果,所以可以判断B跟在E之后出现。

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