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Team sports are generally promoted as a great way to keep fit and build character. However, sporting events such as soccer matches are often accompanied by violence between rival supporters and other forms of antisocial behavior. If sporting events can lead to antisocial behavior, can team sports really be good for us?

Team sports are usually favored by the majority as it is a great way to keep fit and build character. However, it seems that there is the occasional violence between rival supporters which may lead to antisocial behaviors. Due to this, people question if team sports are really good for us at all. In my opinion, I believe that team sports are indeed good and the drawbacks that are derived from it can be solved with strict laws and penalties.

Some people claim that sporting events are often accompanied by violence between rival supporters. However, I believe the opposite is just as true as well. Supporters are able to befriend one another when attending these events. For example, supporters of a single team who attends the sporting event are able to share the joy together when their team wins. Although I do not deny that violence are occasionally involved, it is possible to resolve this by introducing strict laws of penalties to those who are involved.

Secondly, team sports are also good for the sporting industry. Team sports tend to have the most fans and that can lead to the appearance of numerous businesses such as advertising and sporting merchandise. This also means that team sports are able to create job opportunities for people around the world. For example, having more sporting events will allow food vendors to sell more products.

In conclusion, although some sporting has drawbacks, I believe that the advantages greatly outweigh them. These advantages do not only include character building, but also the aforementioned points. Therefore, team sports are good for us and should continue to be promoted.

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