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Has there been any recent invention that you think proved either beneficial or detrimental to the society? Support your point of view with details from your own experiences, observations or reading.

There have been numerous inventions in the world due to the rapid development of technology. One of the inventions that have brought about various benefits is the smart phone. The smart phone is a very intelligent device and is able to allow us to perform video calls and also work related tasks.

Videos are a very efficient way of delivering and presenting information. For example, companies have introduced video interviews which are very convenient for both the company and the candidate as well. Therefore, being able to make and watch videos via the smartphone allows numerous methods of delivering information between various parties.

Furthermore, the smart phone also enables people to work on their phone. Various applications have been introduced that simplifies tasks such as calculators and notepads. People are also able to access e-mails on their phones and respond immediately to urgent matters. This can improve the efficiency of work related tasks and can also lead to an increase in the business’ revenue.

In conclusion, I believe the smartphone which is a recent invention is very beneficial as it has brought about numerous benefits in our lives. As technology continues to develop, there will eventually be more inventions that will simplify daily tasks.

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