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墨尔本PTE写作秘籍: PTE高分范文详解

PTE写作的大作文Write Essay因为机改的属性,相对于雅思、托福等考试来说稍简单一些。只要文章结构和关键词清晰,语法词汇没有问题,能比较容易的拿到理想的分数,所以很多纠结于雅思写作的同学都选择转战PTE。今天AIL墨尔本PTE小编就送上一篇AIL独家 PTE高分范文详解 供大家参考学习~

Traveling overseas to study is overrated. We have brilliant scholars who have studied locally. In your opinion, is travel really required for higher studies? Support your point of view with reasons and examples from your own experience.


It has recently been a trend for students to travel overseas in order to further their studies. However, in my opinion, traveling overseas is not required to obtain a better education. This is because local education institutes are also capable of preparing you for your career. Furthermore, the success of a person’s career is based on his own efforts and not dependent on where he chooses to study.


【Introduction段落首先paraphrase一下题干,介绍题目背景,之后就明确表达自己的观点是traveling overseas is not required to obtain a better education. 在这里大家需要注意的是高亮部分的关键词,In my opinion, this is because, furthermore。衔接和过渡词的使用能够让PTE评分系统更加清晰的判断你的文章逻辑,所以一定不能少哦~】


One of the main reasons that students travel overseas to study is because they assume that they will be exposed to a better education system. Although this may be true to a certain extent, it is definitely not necessary for an individual to further his studies. Local education institutes are also capable of preparing someone for the future. For example, the syllabus which is covered in local universities is the same although the lecturers are different.


【第二段开始就讲解自己反对的具体原因,AIL墨尔本PTE小编建议大家,在写PTE大作文的时候尽量要采用表顺序的词,如Firstly,secondly etc. 来给自己的观点“编号”,这样文章的结构更清晰,written disclosure的分数也能相应提高。同时题干要求用Examples来说明,所以举例的时候也记得使用for example, for instance etc.等关键词,让PTE写作评分系统能更“看得懂”你的文章。】


Secondly, a person’s success does not only depend on the education he receives, but also the effort he puts into his passion. Therefore, studying at a better university does not guarantee you a job or even a career. For example, if a student were to attend a prestigious university such as Harvard but fails to study, he will still be unable to graduate. This means that anyone who studies locally but works twice as hard will be able to perform just as well as a person who travels overseas to study.



In conclusion, studying overseas may have more options to further your studies, but is definitely not necessary to be successful in your career. Therefore, I believe that travel is not required for higher studies.


【结尾段落是conclusion,再次paraphrase之后重复解释一下自己的观点。这篇文章的结构非常简单,但是明了,即 Introduction + Point 1+ Point 2+ Conclusion,同时关键词和信号词清晰,语法和词汇运用得当。】


Key vocabulary:

assume v. 假设,假定

be exposed to 暴露在…中,接触到…

to a certain extent 某种程度上来说

syllabus n. 教学大纲

prestigious adj. 有名望的,享有声望的


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