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墨尔本PTE素材库—— 5 dollar note



墨尔本PTE素材库—— 5 dollar note






  • 澳洲的纸币为什么辨识度较高?
  • 新纸币有哪些改进?
  • 为什么最早会引进塑料纸币的概念?

这段音频的难度不大哦!应该不会有太大的而理解问题啦!那么回答完上述问题,大家能否大致的来做一个复述的练习呢?澳大利亚语言学院定期会整理PTE素材库,用与PTE官方question criteria最为相近的素材,让大家在平时复习过程中也能练习PTE的难点题型——re-tell lecture, summarize spoken text 等等题型。如果对于词汇有疑问的同学,可以学习下文的key vocabulary;如果对于音频内容有不懂的同学,可以查看后文的full transcript哦!

【key Vocabulary】

Makeover: 大转变,改革,化妆打扮

Rectangular: 矩形的,成直角的

Recognisable: 可辨认的,可承认的

Reckon: 测算,估计,认为

Upgrade: 升级,提升

Micro-print: 缩影(相片)

Magnify: 放大,赞美,夸大

Upping: 提升价格(up的现在分词)

Spinebill: 尖嘴吸蜜鸟

Tactile: 触觉的,有触觉的

Petition: 请愿,祈求,诉状

Campaign: 作战,参加竞选

Awful: 可怕的,极坏的,使人敬畏的



Full Transcript

The 5 dollar note is getting a makeover to incorporate new security features and a new design.

They’re the rectangular bits of plastic we can exchange for this, this, or if you have enough, even this. I definitely don’t have enough for that. Money’s something most of us use every day. Here in Australia, our bank notes are instantly recognisable for their bright colours and their images of famous Australians, like poet Banjo Patterson or Reverend John Flynn, who started what’s now the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

But now, the Reserve Bank of Australia reckons it’s time these bits of plastic got a makeover, starting with the 5 dollar note. From the 1st of September, our old five dollar note will slowly be replaced with this one. The note’s colour, size and famous faces will stay the same, but there are quite few new upgrades, too.

There’s now a window in the middle and it will feature two new pics on it of the Eastern Spinebill and the Prickly Moses Wattle. Another area the designers had to think about was security. Because lots of people would love to be able to print their own money if they could. That’s one of the reasons why plastic notes were introduced in the first place. They replaced paper ones in 1988 because they were much harder to fake.

MATT HOLBROOK, REPORTER: But aside from being made of plastic our current notes have a couple of other security features, too. Like the little window, a seven pointed star you can only see when you hold it up to the light, and micro-printing, really small words you normally need a magnifying glass to see.

Now, nearly thirty years later, the new five dollar note is upping security even further. Things like the bigger window, the five, which changes direction when you tilt it, and the eastern spinebill’s wings which move when you tilt it, too. Nice.

Finally, there’s one more new feature of the five dollar note that this kid in particular is really excited about! For the first time, the new notes will have a tactile feature! It’s a bit like Braille, and helps people who are blind or vision impaired tell the difference between notes. And it’s something that Connor campaigned for. We told you about him on BTN last year, he set up an online petition asking the RBA to bring in tactile notes, and they agreed!

CONNOR: Sometimes you just need to stand up and do what you’ve gotta do.

We’ll see the rest of the notes, and their new designs, in the coming years. But remember, even with the new note, you’ll still need an awful lot to buy this, or this, or, actually, no, I don’t think you can buy a dragon with any amount. Not a real one anyway. Can you? Hmm.


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