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【PTE阅读】Reading&Writing Fill in the Blanks真题详解

Reading&Writing Fill in the Blanks是阅读部分的重中之重,而且还会影响到写作的分数。通常这个题型会出现在阅读的最后一个部分(极少情况会作为阅读部分第一个题型出现),也是阅读部分难度最高的一个题型。很多同学因为阅读前面的部分浪费太多时间,结果R&W FIB来不及做,阅读和写作分数都会很惨。今天我们来给大家讲解一个FIB的真题,供大家练习参考。赶快来看题目吧!

The introduction of security footage in courtrooms as evidence is increasingly common. With the number of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras rising, the likelihood of images deemed relevant for criminal proceedings being recorded also increases. However,while CCTV footage may arguably have assisted in achieving 1 _______ 【选项: sentiments, distrusts, convictions, principles】 in some high-profile cases, can it assist in the overall reduction of violence againstwomen?

A well-known example in Australiaof CCTV helping solve a crime is the footage pulled from a shop on Sydney Roadthe night Jill Meagher was raped and murdered by Adrian Bayley. This footage was mentioned in his sentencing in 2013. In the same year, Simon Gittany was found 2 _______ 【 选项:remorseful, guilty, innocent,reprehensible】of the murder of his partner Lisa Harnum. CCTV footage – taken from his own security cameras – was again 3 _______ 【选项:interpreted, elucidated, understood, represented】as key evidence. Beyond the courtroom, news media reports of crime are saturated with the use of CCTV footage. In both contexts, it is often seen to be 4 _______ 【选项: conclusive, decisive, influential, delusive】– an authoritative and objective witness that can tell us “what really happened”.

While used in a range of offences, its inclusion in instances of extreme (and public) violence against women can mean certain images receive significant and sustained media 5 _______ 【选项: consideration, scrutiny, immersion, attention】,and may remain online indefinitely. The strength of CCTV in our public consciousness is such that questions of privacy are often dismissed as inconsequential. CCTV installed in the homes of family violence victims has even been considered.



本题型的题目的一个难点就在于,很难单纯的通过词性或者单词的形式来判断所缺的空需要的词汇。这是与Reading: Fill in the Blanks题型最大的不同。这时候我们就只能借助于固定搭配和上下语境来确定选项了。

Q1. 第一题,全都是名词,而且全都是复数形式。那么我们只能从语境含义上来判断答案,这对大家的词汇量有一定的要求,所以不背单词肯定是不行的啦!sentiment 感情,情感;distrust 不信任;conviction 定罪,证明有罪;principle 原则,主义。联系上下文来看,前文提到CCTV能提供犯罪行为的相关图像,下文中也提到high-profile cases, 那么按照含义这里应该选择conviction. 其余选项的含义在此均不符合语境。同时这个题目也提醒各位同学,在平时的词汇累积中要注意同一单词的不同含义,有的同学只知道conviction有“坚信”的意思,那肯定就不知道这题该选什么了。

Q2. 和上一题类似,本题选项均为形容词,又是只能从语境含义上来判断答案。remorseful 悔恨的,懊悔的; guilty, 有罪的;innocent 无辜的;reprehensible 应当斥责的。快速的浏览上文,我们会发现上一句话在讲一个因为CCTV的影像证据被发现有罪;同时下文中有一个关键词”…again … as key evidence…”,说明这句话和上句话是互相呼应的,故应当选择guilty有罪的。但其实本题有一个快速的解法: find someone guilty/innocent是一个固定搭配,表示认定某人有罪/无罪,而remorseful和reprehensible是没有此固定用法的,可先行排除;联系上下会发现在此用guilty更符合语境,故答案是guilty

Q3. be interpreted as, 被解读为; be elucidated as, (elucidate这个词几乎没有这个用法)被阐释为;be understood as, 被理解为;be represented as, 代表,表示为。从语境上和固定搭配的用法上可以发现interpreted符合上下文含义。
Q4. conclusive, 确凿的;decisive, 决定性的;influential, 有影响力的;delusive,有欺骗性的。这道题根据语境可以立即排除后面两个选项,很迷惑人的是前两个选项,conclusive和decisive本身就是近义词,好像哪个放在这里都能说得通的样子,到底该选谁呢?我们从这两个单词的英文含义来看一看:

Conclusive: Pertaining to a conclusion;

Decisive: Having the power or quality of deciding a question or controversy; putting an end to contest or controversy.


Q5. consideration, 考虑;scrutiny,  详细审查;immersion,  沉浸,专心;attention,关注。receive attention, 受到关注,是一个固定用法,语境也符合,所以此题的答案是attention。consideration虽然也有“关心”的含义,但是和receive搭配使用时,它表示的是“得到考虑、予以考虑”的含义,语境不符,所以肯定不是consideration哦。

所以本题的答案是: convictions, guilty, interpreted, decisive, attention.你答对了吗?

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