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【PTE词汇】ASQ, RS绝对高频!Academic & University常用词汇
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PTE词汇】ASQ高频词汇:Entertainment & Film常用词汇

今天给大家带来的词汇是娱乐及电影艺术相关的词汇,这类词汇很多看起来非常简单,但是不少同学由于不熟悉其英文释义,在Answer Short Question题型里遇到的时候还是会反应不过来。有同学甚至连host 主持人这么简单的词汇都没答出来,这非常不应该哦~所以大家赶快跟小助手一起来查漏补缺吧!

academy n. 学院,学会,在电影方面特指美国电影艺术科学院

an institution for the advancement of artor science

e.g. Mr. Black won an Academy Awardfor best original screenplay.

actress n. 女演员

a female actor

e.g. And it boasts the Oscar-winning actresses as leads and executive producers.

blockbuster n. 轰动,大片,一鸣惊人的人/事物

a very successful hit with widespread popularity and sales

e.g.The Matt Damon-starring epic “The Great Wall” was meant to be a global blockbuster that energized movie goers all over the world.

celebrity n. 名人

the state or quality of being widelyhonored and acclaimed

e.g.Celebrities from Hollywood jetted into town to join America’s top media as major news outlets tried to outdo one another with outlandishly lavish parties.

cinema n. 电影院

a medium that disseminates moving pictures

e.g.As well as being popular in cinemas,popcorn is increasingly seen as a low-fat snack outside of the movie house.

couture n. 高级服装定制

high fashion designing and dressmaking

e.g. And she is frequently recognized as one ofthe best-dressed stars in Hollywood, walking the red carpet in exclusive couture gowns.

debut n. 初次登台,开张

appear for the first time in public

e.g. John Donnelly, nominated for outstanding debut fora British writer for his film The Pass.

entourage n. 随从

the group following and attending to some important person

e.g. “I need my privacy now,” she said before her entourage of helpers left.

envelope  n. 信封

a flat container for a letter or thin package

e.g. Bloch held a stack of envelopes, as if he were at the Oscars, and began to run through the submissions.

escapism n. 逃避主义,空想

tendency to use fantasy to retreat fromunpleasant realities

e.g. Hollywood, having spent a century perfecting the art of escapism, is about to unveil its latest bit of magic.

glamour n. 魅力,魔力

alluring beauty or charm

e.g. “The glitz and glamour of the entertainment world were just distractions.”

host n. 主持人

a person who acts as master of ceremonies

e.g. One familiar move for an awards show host isto poke fun at famous people in the audience.

ingenue n. 天真无邪的少女(或饰演这类角色的演员)

an actress playing an artless innocent young girl

e.g. Though she still plays the ingenue on screen, Stone, 28, is every bit the sophisticate on the red carpet.

mogul n. 显要人物,有权势的人

a very wealthy or powerful business person

e.g. The festival itself is a strange mix of skibum and movie mogul.

nominate v. 提名

propose as a candidate for some honor

e.g. Last year, controversy erupted again after all of the nominated actors ended up being, for the second year in arow, white cialis bez receptu.

paparazzo (pl. paparazzi) 狗仔队 

a freelance photographer who pursues celebrities

e.g. Paparazzi milled about the sidewalk just footsteps away from the red carpet as celebrities and other guests,dressed for the occasion, posed for the cameras.

presenter n. 任命者,推荐者,代表

someone who presents a message of some sort

e.g. A parade of models and celebrities walked the red carpet, including Iman, who filled in as a presenter for Lena Dunham, who fell ill.

red carpet 红地毯

a strip of red carpeting laid down fordignitaries to walk on

e.g. If the red carpet doubles as a popularity contest — and it does — celebrities win, hands down.

snub v. 冷落,怠慢

refuse to acknowledge

e.g. At the time, Thompson was appearing in cinemas as the star of “Saving Mr. Banks,” for which she was notably snubbed at Oscar time.

statuette n. 小雕像,小塑像,可指奥斯卡小金人

a small carved or molded figure

e.g. No Oscar category really exists for the kinds of films Jackie Chan makes, either, and he was equally as tounded to be receiving a statuette.

Source: Vocabulary.com

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