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Which of the following statements are true of Mr Kikwete according to the paragraph?☑ A.Mr Kikwete was the greatest leader for Africa.

☑ B.President Kikwete’s decade in Tanzania’s highest office has proven transformative for the country.

☑ C.He was the youngest leader of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

☑ D.Mr Kikwete not only contributed to Tanzanian Economic industry, but also improved the country’s health facilities.

☑ E.Mr Kikwete has worked as the president of Tanzania for more than 10 years.


☑ 首先看到五个选项,判断此题应该有2个正确答案。所以在选择的时候千万不要超过2个选项,否则倒扣分。目标65分的同学,如果不太确定,可以稳妥的选择把此题当做单选题来做;目标79分的同学可以冒险选一下不太确定的选项,保证选择2个(目标79分的同学多选题绝对不能单选,否则基本不可能拿到79分)。☑ 其次先读选项,再看文章:

– A关键词the greatest leader. 从内容上来看比较绝对,这类选项在考试中一般来说都不是正确的,但是也不是绝对的哦!

– B关键词transformative 改革的,有改革能力的,原文当中很可能不会出现一样的词汇,而是做了paraphrase,所以要注意在原文当中寻找transformative的同义替换。

– C关键词the youngest leader

– D选项关键词not only…Economic Industry…but also…health facilities, 指出Mr Kikwete的贡献同时存在于经济和健康设施两方面。

– E 关键词as the president… for 10 years.

☑ 下一步就是看文章了,考验大家skim and scan技巧的时刻到来咯,牢记选项中的关键词,快速浏览文章:

There’s little doubt the young Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete was primed for leadership, having spent his childhood with his grandfather, a local chief, before following his father, also a public servant, to outposts across Tanzania. Rising quickly up the political ladder, the future president became one of the youngest ministers in Tanzanian history when he took the reins of the Finance Ministry. He then served 10 years as Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Mr. Kikwete’s international influence did not go unnoticed, as he was the first African leader to meet President Barack Obama in 2009.

第一段快速浏览不难发现youngest和10 years两个关键词。但文章中非常明确Kikwete是one of the youngest而不是最年轻的,故C选项错误。10 years as Minister…看到这里就不用看了,因为E选项说的是10 years as the president 而不是Minister.

Domestically, the Kikwete presidency has been a turning point for Tanzania. “The major key behind all this is the pursuit of sound economic policies, as we make sure that the macroeconomic frame remains of the right track,” the former president says. The country’s infrastructure has seen the most visible change over the past decade. Michael Mhando, Acting Director General at the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), celebrates the improvement in health infrastructures. “Anti-poverty strategies are now in place to ensure the poor have access to health care services,” he says.

With yet a long road ahead, the country seems on the right track towards making that vision a reality.

第二段快速浏览,第一句的turning point明显是transformative的同义词组,根据这句话的含义可以确定B选项是正确的。继续看下面内容,接下来的economic policies和right track都可以说明经济方面的稳定,最关键是后面的improvement in health infrastructure. 说明D选项是正确的。A选项全文未提及,可以判断不是正确选项。


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