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【PTE口语】真学霸,伪学渣一测就知道 这些Answer short question的题目,你都会做吗?


在PTE考试中,有一个题型,准备起来毫无技巧可言~那就是我们的Answer Short Question,真真是知道就是知道,不知道就是不知道,毫无答题技巧。Buuuuuut,假如学习态度不端正,那也是万万不行的!因为Answer short question考的不仅仅是英语,更多的,是对词汇和常识的考查哦~今天,小助手就给大家准备了20道题目,看看自己到底能做对多少道呢?




 Q: What do you call the document that gives details about your qualifications and work experience?

A: resume

 Q:  Which country is located in North America Canada or Brazil?

A: Canada

 Q:  Which country is in the southern hemisphere, Australia or Canada?

A: Australia

 Q: Would fresh milk last longer in a fridge or in a cool cupboard?

A: Fridge

 Q: A planet or a galaxy that is very distant can be seen with what device?

A: Telescope/astronomical telescope

 Q:  What is the person doing in the picture?


A: doing an experiment/experimenting

 Q:  Which metal is more valuable than the other, gold or copper?

A: Gold

 Q:  Which one of the following animals is not mammal, a butterfly, a dolphin or an elephant?

A: A butterfly

 Q:  How to call a person who is under medical treatment and stays in the hospital?

A: a patient/invalid

 Q:  What is the occupation making dishes in a restaurant?

A: a cook/chef/chief cook




 Q:  What is the study of stars and planet called?

A: Astronomy

 Q:  What kind of book is written by a person about their own life?

A: Autobiography

 Q:  How would you describe economy largely based on farming?

A: Agricultural

 Q:  Which hospital department you go for x-ray, radiology or cardio?

A: a radiology

 Q:   What do you call a very long essay that students have to write for a doctoral degree?

A: Thesis/Dissertation

 Q:  Who is the main journalist responsible for producing a newspaper or magazine?

A: Editor/chief editor/editor in chief

 Q:   A specialist who repairs leaking water pipes is called ?

A: Plumber

 Q:  What special document do most people traveling between on country to another need to carry?

A: a passport

 Q:  How do we call a luggage can be taken into a plane?

A:  Carry-on/ carry-on luggage/ carry-on baggage

 Q:  What is the system made up of a network of cells, tissues, and organs that working together to protect the body.

A: Immune system




☑ 做对15道以上,妥妥的大学霸,大家赶快抱紧TA的大腿!




ASQ题型多答一个冠词定冠词之类的是无所谓的,并且很多题目答案也不是唯一的,同义词替换或者任何合理的答案都是正确的。例如: What is the occupation making dishes in a restaurant? 回答chief cook, chef, cook之类的合理答案,当然都是正确的。

但是需要强调的是ASQ里的多选一题型,例如我们上面的这道题:Which one of the following animals is not mammal, a butterfly, a dolphin or an elephant? 必须只能答其中一个,一些同学故作聪明的多选多,把选项全都给回答一遍,那么最后一般会被人工审核,分数照样悲剧。

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