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【PTE词汇】口语,写作,日常生活都必备!Essential eating vocabulary



We’ve all been advised to not talk with our mouths full. It makes you wonder why there are so many words related to hunger and the act of eating. Whether you are feasting or on a diet, here is some essential eating vocabulary. 

esurient    [ɪ’sjʊərɪənt; e-]    饥饿的

英文释义:extremely hungry

e.g.The deli is frequented byyoung, single professionals, esurient after thoselong hours spent staring at the monitor of a computer.


craving    [‘kreɪvɪŋ]   [‘krevɪŋ]   渴望

英文释义:an intense desire for someparticular thing

e.g.Doughnuts tend to be onthe smaller side, so consider doubling your order if your cravingsare particularly strong. – Washington Post (Oct 6, 2017)


savor   [‘seɪvə]  [‘sevɚ]    品尝

英文释义:taste appreciatively

e.g.I bulldozed through twobones, savoring their saltand spice, before realizing I hadn’t even dabbed one in the mint chutney yet. -Washington Post (Oct 30, 2017)


ravenous    [‘ræv(ə)nəs]   渴望食物的

英文释义:devouring or craving foodin great quantities

e.g.Appeasing a ravenous appetite at the mall food court could cause you to eat asmuch or even more calories than you burned shopping. – US News (Dec 2, 2015)

Ravenoushas nothing to do with being hungry like a raven. It’s from Old French raviner“to seize”. The Old French word also gives us ravine through the sense the of aviolent rush of water swallowing everything in its path.


famished   [‘fæmɪʃt]     极度饥饿的

英文释义:extremely hungry

e.g.I’m famished so I buy a plate of each and move to one of the tables inthe centre of the room to eat. – BBC (Jul 3, 2016)


feast  [fiːst]     宴席;宴会

英文释义:a ceremonial dinner party formany people

e.g.Where new owner Esther Leereopened her spare Italian dining room after a July fire and still offers afixed-price, five-course Italian feast. – WashingtonPost (Oct 12, 2017)


gluttony  [‘glʌt(ə)nɪ]    暴饮暴食

英文释义:eating to excess

e.g.If heavy eating issomething you’re unwilling to give up, make sure to devote time earlier in theday to gluttony. – USNews (Jun 1, 2016)

FromLatin gluttire, to swallow, and from gula, throat, which also gives English theword gullet.


indulgence   [ɪn’dʌldʒ(ə)ns]  放纵

英文释义:the act of gratifying adesire

e.g.Ruby chocolate “satisfiesa new consumer need found among millennials — hedonistic indulgence,” it said, in a quote attributed to Mr.Boone. – New York Times (Sep 7, 2017)


devour    [dɪ’vaʊə]  [dɪ’vaʊɚ]   吞食

英文释义:eat greedily

e.g.As he spoke, his children— pale and undernourished — devoured a humblemeal of chicken and bread. – New York Times (Oct 17, 2017)

FromLatin devorare which breaks down to de, down, and vorare, to swallow. Vorarealso figures in the history of other great food words like voracious, extremelyhungry.


consume     吃;喝

英文释义:take in as food

e.g.Most Americans consume too much salt — or, more accurately, sodium. – WashingtonPost (Nov 3, 2017)


appetite    [‘æpɪtaɪt]   食欲

英文释义:a feeling of cravingsomething

e.g.He slowly regained his appetite after being hand-fed anchovies, shrimp and squid. – SeattleTimes (Sep 29, 2017)


repast   [rɪ’pɑːst]  [rɪ’pæst]     就餐,饮食

英文释义:the food served and eatenat one time

e.g.If it’s impossible to eatmindfully every day, consider planning one special repasta week. – New York Times (Feb 7, 2012)

FromLate Latin repastus, a meal, ultimately from Latin pascere, to graze.


cuisine    [kwɪ’ziːn]   [kwɪ’zin]    烹饪

英文释义:the manner of preparingfood or the food so prepared

e.g.The shelves are filledwith staples of Asian cuisine:bamboo shoots, noodles, vegetable greens like gai choy, and rice — lots ofrice. – Seattle Times (Nov 5, 2017)


culinary     [‘kʌlɪn(ə)rɪ]   [‘kʌlɪnɛri]    厨房的;烹调用的

英文释义:of or relating to or usedin cooking

e.g.Bandhu Gardens, as thewomen’s culinary collectiveis called, started by selling surplus backyard produce to local restaurants andfarmer’s markets. – Seattle Times (Oct 28, 2017)


morsel   [‘mɔːs(ə)l]   [‘mɔrsl]  一口

英文释义:a small amount of solidfood; a mouthful

e.g.It’s hard counting caloriesand watching every morsel you put inyour mouth. – New York Times (Aug 5, 2017)

FromLatin mordere, to bite. This root is also present in the history of words thatrefer to metaphorical biting, adjectives that describe “a sharp wit” or a“sharp tongue” like English mordant.


voracious   [və’reɪʃəs]   [və’reʃəs]    贪吃的

英文释义:devouring or craving foodin great quantities

e.g.Baby tortoises are voracious, grow fast and start digging burrows almostimmediately. – Los Angeles Times (Mar 10, 2017)


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