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When computers first appeared on the scene, it was thought they would make us more productive in providing goods and services, smarter and possibly happier. Skeptics claim that the opposite is true as computers have proved disappointing in terms of productivity, and have made us less happy and more stupid because information is not knowledge.

Which of these points of view do you agree with most? Support your argument with reasons and/or examples from your own experience and observations.

Computers have become an integral part of our lives, and we can see them working to make things easier all around us. They have enabled us to make information sharing a lot easier and also helped us to become more organized at workplaces. Hence, I believe that computers have made us happier as we can accomplish much more within a limited time frame.

Information sharing has been made much easier due to the existence of computers. Computers enable access to emails, social networks and video sharing platforms, which easily allows us to send out and receive information. This has made learning easier and has also enabled us to find out what is happening around the world. For example, we are able to access and read global news through the internet wherever we are.

Handling tasks at our jobs have also become more organized as we can create, store and retrieve data with ease. The calculation and the storing of data can be done accurately by computers, allowing us to focus on solving bigger problems and not worry about the minor details which can be automated such as calculations and memorizing. This has also ensured that the work is done correctly and efficiently.

Some people argue that computers have made us less productive by providing us with ways to waste our time. I strongly believe that computers are not the reason for this, as they are a medium that allows us to achieve our means efficiently. How we use that medium depends entirely on us. It would be unwise to forego the use of computers which have made the human endeavor to simplify life possible.

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