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墨尔本PTE考试复习备战最新知识贴独家写作秘籍 PTE高分范文解析


墨尔本PTE考试复习备战最新知识贴独家写作秘籍 PTE高分范文解析

今天墨尔本PTE小编给大家带来一篇do you agree with the statement类型的AIL独家 PTE高分范文 及其解析。各位同学快来学学,满分PTE作文该怎么写吧~


Nowadays, people spend too much time at work to the extent that they hardly have time for their personal life. Do you agree with this statement? Support your point of view with reasons and examples from your own experience.


As the working industry continues to be more competitive, people tend to stay longer at their workplaces, hoping that it would give them an edge over their peers. Leading this lifestyle may cause people to spend too much time at work to the extent that they hardly have time for their personal life. Therefore, I agree with the statement because people are getting more competitive amongst each other and also because some people are very money-driven.


PTE作文第一段标准写法:background 背景信息+个人观点,清楚的回答题目中Do you agree的问题,并且简单列出自己同意的两个原因。】


Every year, there are large amounts of graduates leaving universities which exceed the number of jobs available. Therefore, it is usually the employees, who are hardworking or exceptional, are retained instead of being replaced by bright graduates. This situation causes many employees within companies to work even harder and sometimes stay back to work overtime, which gives them less time for their own personal matters.



Furthermore, there are also employees who are very money-driven. They believe that the more they earn, the happier they will be. Therefore, they tend to put in extra hours into their workplaces and try to obtain more salary from their bosses. There are even some extreme cases where employees only leave their workplaces for home at midnight.



In conclusion, there is a significant amount of people around the world who spend too much time at work to the extent that they hardly have time for their own personal matters. Therefore, I strongly agree with this statement, and employers should help in changing their employees’ attitudes and values.



纵观 PTE高分范文解析 全文,一个复杂单词都没有使用,除了简单的从句之外,也没有很高级的句型,那为什么这篇文章能得高分呢?

  • 全文结构非常简单但清晰明了,Introduction + Point 1+ Point 2 + Conclusion的结构,这几乎是PTE写作的必须结构。
  • 过渡词和衔接词明确,与题目相关的关键词出现频繁,个人立场清楚明了。PTE考试机改属性也决定了它无法像雅思考试一样看出你是否偏题或答题逻辑是否有问题,所以只要过渡词和衔接词明确,文章结构清晰,并且题目相关的关键词抓准,那么就能够避免像雅思一样因为偏题而丢分。
  • 没有语法和拼写错误。再次强调,PTE中绝对不能出现拼写错误,一抓一个准哦!语法错误也会造成严重的失分,一定要在写作中避免。




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