墨尔本PTE考试备战知识贴之写作秘籍: PTE高分范文详解
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墨尔本PTE写作秘籍详解: PTE高分范文

PTE写作的大作文Write Essay因为机改的属性,相对于雅思、托福等考试来说稍简单一些。只要文章结构和关键词清晰,语法词汇没有问题,能比较容易的拿到理想的分数,所以很多纠结于雅思写作的同学都选择转战PTE。今天AIL墨尔本PTE小编就送上一篇AIL独家 PTE高分范文 供大家参考学习~

‘Some types of employment are more suitable for men and other types of employment are more appropriate for women.’

To what extent do you agree with this statement? Support your point of view with reasons and examples from your own experience.


In this day and age, a lot of emphases has been put on gender equality, and I am a strong believer of this. However, in my opinion, I still do think that some employments are more suitable for men as compared to women. This is because some jobs require extensive amounts of physical capabilities and also contain high risks.

【Introduction 段落结构非常清楚:一句话阐述背景+一句话阐述自己观点+一句话阐述为何自己持这样的观点】

Jobs in the construction industry generally require a lot of labour work and may cause physical strain. Therefore, men who have the more suitable physical capabilities would be a better fit for these roles. It is scientifically proven that men generally have more physical strength than women. However, although men are more suitable in many cases, it does not mean that women should be excluded completely from these opportunities.


In addition, military jobs also consist of more men than women. This is because working in the military requires enormous amounts of strength and endurance. It is also a job which has higher risks, which society, in general, claim that it should be a more suitable job for men.


In conclusion, although gender equality is morally right, there are some employments which are better suited for men as compared to women. Therefore, I agree with the statement that some types of employment are more appropriate depending on the gender.

【Conclusion 段落的结构也是非常清晰简洁的:一句话总结上述所有原因+再次陈述自己的观点】


Key Vocabulary

gender equality 性别平等

strong believer 坚定的信徒

extensive amounts of 大量的

physical strain 身体劳损

endurance 忍耐力,持久力

morally right 道德正确



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