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墨尔本PTE素材库——Census Stats




墨尔本PTE素材库——Census Stats






那么,这段较易的视频,大家听完以后,能否做一个re-tell 的练习呢?





大家如果没有回答出以上的问题,可以参考Full Transcript哦!当然,视频后段,有提到Jedi Religion,这也能算是人口普查的一个“笑点”吧!~

澳大利亚语言学院,会定期整理PTE的素材库,让大家能够利用和PTE官方给出的Questions Criteria 相吻合的素材,练习自己听力、理解、整理、概括、简答的能力,从而进一步从根本上提升自我英语答题水平哦!搞定PTE65或者PTE79都妥妥哒!

【key Vocabulary】

Nudist: 裸体主义的

Compulsory: 义务的,必修的,被强制的

Bureau: 局,处

Statistics: 统计,统计学

Snapshot: 快照,快相,简单印象

Expectancy: 期望,期待

Indigenous: 本土的,土著的

Lump: 块,块状,肿块,瘤。Vt. 使成块状,Vi.结块



Full Transcript

It’s census time in Australia. That’s when every household and person in Australia is counted and surveyed. As you can imagine it’s a massive job which is why it only happens every five years. So why does the government go to so much effort to collect so much data?

August the 9th is a really important date. It’s the day Anna Kendrick celebrates her 31st birthday. It was the day 80 years ago that US athlete, Jesse Owens won his fourth gold medal at the Berlin Olympics. And in 1979, Britain’s first nudist beach opened. It’s also the date this year when people around Australia have to fill out the census. Hopefully with clothes on.

The census is a really important survey held every five years. Every household gets a form, and the aim is to count every person in that household, on one night. The census is compulsory, and it asks a range of questions on all kinds of topics. Like your age, gender, family size, education, where you were born and the languages you speak.

But while we know what information the census collects, what will all of that data actually be used for? To find out, I met up with Lisa, who works at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the organisation in charge of running the whole thing.

LISA MOUTZOURIS, SA CENSUS DIRECTOR: We call it a snapshot of Australia. So that we understand what our population looks like, how many people, where they were born, how old they are, whether they’re at school, whether they’re working. So that we have a really good understanding of the population so that government and other people can plan for the future.

Having an idea of the size of the population of Australia can be really helpful.

MATT HOLBROOK, REPORTER: 24 million people in Australia.

It helps explain how Australia’s changed over time, and gives governments a good idea of where funds are most needed for things like schools, roads and nursing homes. All of that data is also used in important studies. For example, the last census helped to work out the life expectancy of Indigenous Australians which helped set the government’s Closing the Gap targets.

MATT: What happens if I don’t fill out the census?

LISA: We’ll come knocking on your door and saying hey, this house has not responded to the census.

MATT: Will you really do that?

LISA: We will, we’ll remind you.

Lisa says it’s really important not just to do the census, but to fill it out properly. And while 65,000 Aussies said they belong to the Jedi religion in the last census, mostly as a joke, Lisa doesn’t recommend it.

MATT: Should I say I belong to the Jedi religion on the census?

LISA: Probably not a good idea. At the end of the day they all get lumped into a category called “Not applicable” or “not further defined” because Jedi is not a recognised religion.

MATT: Don’t use the force?

LISA: Don’t use the force.

But Jedi aren’t the only ones worried about filling out the census this year. For the first time, names and addresses collected in the census will be kept for four years instead of eighteen months. So some people are concerned their personal information could be revealed if not kept securely. But the ABS says that info is really important for future studies, so they’ll be very careful to look after it properly. And around April next year, the ABS will start releasing stats that show how you fit into this massive snapshot of Australia.


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